Being a virtual assistant who helps busy business owners manage their social media activities.  I tend to read a lot of other blogs and recently I have come across some really great ones, especially inside some social communities. While it has tremendous value to blog inside a community, it is also important that you, as the author, have your own launch pad to build your own identity.

By placing all your content in one location, such as a blog, you make it easier for readers to learn more from you and they can bookmark your site for future reference. As readers begin to learn more from you, they begin to trust what you are saying and you build credibility.

Blogging from your blog site also makes your blog more authentic giving it an identity and a personality for people to learn more about you and your business.  If you are using social media as part of your marketing strategy to increase your online visibility you will also want a place for your visitors to see more of who you are and what additional great value you can provide for them.  Your little piece of the web is considered the storefront of your business.  It is where you will keep all your blogs and content and it is from this location that you will then distribute the content to the various social media platforms.

There is one downside of posting in social communities in that everyone tends to comment on the social community site but not on your blog.  One of the benefits of using social media sites is to get people interested in what you have to say so that they want to hear more.  I have posted in social community sites and have received some very useful comments in these sites and I think to myself, ” if only I could have those comments on my blog site”.

Remember not everyone uses social communities but do still surf the net for relevant content.
Generating traffic to your blog site is very good in terms of ranking and gaining popularity for your site.

Romany Thresher

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