I’ve created my board, one of which inspires my work ethic & professional appearance and the other I’ve created to determine more or less where I expect myself to be later on in life. I’m known to have typical OCD characteristics, at the moment I have difficulty ‘pinning’ images to fit the right categorised board to where I see them fit best.

Screenshot of My Pinterest Wall

How it works; I have figured out that if you only ‘like’ an image but you don’t necessarily want it to appear in one of your boards then you select the ‘like’ option at the top of the image, where as if you intend to add the image to one of your boards (although I see them more as scrapbooks) you select the ‘pin’ opion and re-direct it to the board you had in mind. It is very simple and easy to do. The home page displays the people you follow and their recent activity as well as your own recent activity thinks of the Facebook Feed page to form a clearer idea of what it all looks like.

Here is Pinterest jotted down in short and sweet

  • Pinterest requires minimal writing and time to set up for use.
  • It is about promoting excellent information on the web.
  • Most pins should NOT be self-promoting, although you can promote some personal events just be cautious it is NOT as your main focus.
  • Gain credit by providing diverse topics, interact with other users & re-pin their finds.
  • The only way to jump on board Pinterest is to receive an invite; fortunately this is not as difficult as it sounds.

Many people have joined this social network and I’m sure you will be able to find a quick and easy route through.

Follow this link to join Pinterest.

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