Funny thing gut instinct.  You meet someone and they come across all candy coated with their charm and you think what an interesting person so you decide to connect.

Inside your gut instinct  is sounding all the bells and whistles indicating something is just not right and your gut instinct sits there hanging waiting for you to listen.  Yet in the back of your mind you are thinking, “but why, he/she seems so pleasant, so sincere and others think he/she is such a great person….” .  You choose to ignore gut instinct  because it must be wrong and you get more involved with this “lovely person” you have encoutered.

Well, I have been clean for almost 2 years now manged to stay away from people have hidden agendas but the other day I met someone and gut instinct sounded the alarm bells and what did I do.  I did not listen.  I did not trust my gut instinct and guess what I am paying the price for not listening.

I read a blog posted by Liz Chukwu the other day The wisdom of your spirit, do you have trusted advisors which reminded me to always listen to my trusted advisors.  There is a reason for their existence, to guide and protect you.

Have you trusted your gut instincted lately, if so how has it benefited you?  If you did not, what were the consequences?

Romany Thresher

3 Responses to Bells and whistles, sound the alarm – gut instinct passing through!

  • martin says:

    Having a day of trusting my gut instinct but the other way round with people it makes no obvious sense to meet up with but have decided to anyway – will let you know how it goes:)

  • Martin

    I would love to hear how that went? It may not even be clear after your first meet up but it could be something that happens in the future.


  • Nikki says:

    Hi Romany

    Seems we are on the same wave length. (No Google Wave puns intended!)

    I am a great believer in instinct. When something doesn’t feel right, I always think there is a good reason behind it.

    Recently, I turned down some work as my gut feelings about a potential client were so strong. This person wouldn’t give me any contact details other than email, ignored my professionalism, as well as my terms/conditions. I just couldn’t take the risk.

    One thing I believe in is integrity and openness. I always think that if someone tries to hide something from you, then that person is not to be trusted. In business, there has to be some trust between parties, doesn’t there?

    In the past, I’ve ignored my instinct. Now, I can’t afford not to. It doesn’t mean you have to be guarded or suspicious of everyone – just alert. :-)

    An interesting topic!

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