Business Productivity


Sometimes in business, you have to fall in order to rise again so you can learn to be stronger and deal with some of the weaknesses or limitations that lie within you. Sometimes you have to shut down and take stock in order to go forward again.

These are the things I’ve come to learn about owning your own business:

  • Things don’t always go as planned.
  • You have to deal with your self limiting beliefs. Limitations hold you back in more ways than you care to realise.
  • Fear is the one thing that keeps us from going forward.
  • Knowing your niche helps people understand what you do whereas trying to be all things to all people causes confusion.
  • It’s not about what you want, it’s about what your customers want.
  • You need to be able to adapt and change direction if needed.
  • Networking is by far one of the most powerful forms of marketing and social media is networking.
  • Offering free services does not help pay the bills and generally those people who take advantage of your “free” services hardly ever turn into “paying” customers.  If you do offer something for free make sure it does not take too much of your valuable time.
  • Trying to be cheap or under charging has a negative impact on you, your customers and your business. If you charge what you need to charge, even if it is expensive you will save yourself and your customers a lot of heartache.
  • Let go of projects that don’t add value, or just keep taking you around in circles. It takes strength to let go of projects you’ve worked hard on but perhaps it was just not meant to be. At least you tried.
  • Keep communication channels open at all times, even a quick email to say I’m busy but will come back to you makes a big difference. There is nothing worse than a business that does not come back to you.
  • Know your strengths and your weaknesses. Focus on your strengths and hand your weaknesses over to someone who has that strength. Learn to let go!

What have you learnt when it comes to having your own business.

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