Social Media workshop

We ran a workshop with Admin House to show local business owners the importance of using the internet as an advertising platform, because engaging with your customers online, using social networks like Twitter and Facebook, is a good way of attracting and sustaining your potential business cliental.

I have recently started an internship with Direct-Assist where I am experiencing a completely new world of online opportunities, I’m learning many new things in many new places. I video recorded the workshop and am eager to start editing to get the word out there. I am dying to show you the impact of social media on small businesses.

AdminHouse Workshop

Admin House, Lizelle Coombs and Kwikwap, introduced the workshop to our smiling, enthusiastic and engaging audience. She captivated us all as she grasped the concept of your business growth and success regarding online presence, your business website and interaction with customers.
I was extremely surprised at the response of the attendants, as I imagined tough and uptight business owner’s. We were rewarded with a warm, comfortable and relaxed crowd and they participated very well. I remember just after Romany had explained the benefits of using Facebook, for that fast and easy customer connection, her phone died and one member immediately resourced our Direct Assist fan page where he found the ‘Tool of the Week: ‘ tip I had posted earlier regarding mobile hidden battery power and battery backup. This generated an open and inviting atmosphere, as others started to freely ask questions and voice their opinions.

Social Media workshop

Business cards were exchanged and this was my first time experiencing that drive for business, with accepting business cards, opportunities and ideas. Members willingly provided feedback on the success of the workshop, agreeing that social networking and advertising was crucial in captivating their customers’ wants and needs. The workshop gave me the motivational boost I needed and also opened my overall insight, I walked away feeling inspired and I write here before you, still feeling inspired.

If you are exhibiting, sponsoring or speaking at an event, it may be your own event or someone else’s event, one of the fundamental things to do is promote and market the event in which you are exhibiting, speaking or sponsoring.

Organising a few events, I discovered that all marketing and promoting was left up to the event organisers.  While I am aware that a lot of the responsibility lies with the event organisers to market and promote the event and ensure that the event is a success, word of mouth advertising is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

Inform your customers, colleagues you work with and your friends.  By doing this you will be reaching a far wider audience as the event organiser does not have access to your specific network.

Think about it this way, your network is different to the event organiser’s network.  The company exhibiting next to you has a totally different network of people.  The caterer again has his own network.

Let’s say each of you have 500 people in your network.  If you, the event organiser, the caterer and the company exhibiting next to you decide to promote the event, you will have new leads, new people and even more opportunities.  A network of 500 people has suddenly grown into 2000.

Ways you can promote the event:

  • Twitter the event in your network.
  • Ask the event organiser for promotional material which you can hand out.
  • Publish a press release.
  • Blog about it in your social community network.
  • If you belong to clubs, tell other club members.
  • If you run a newsletter, send out a newsletter informing your subscribers.

Romany Thresher

Another successful event hosted and organised by Sarah Arrow regional leader of the Business Scene in Essex and co organised by Romany Thresher, Direct Assist Online.

Firstly, thank you to all our guests for your wonderful support and for joining us last night.  It was good to see so many new faces and I had the opportunity to see some familiar faces of people who I have been interacting with for quite some time.  Su Butcher, Sally Ormond, Chris Lodge, Laury Burr, Liz Chukwu and Don Cooke and Andy Harris who surprised us all the way from Exeter and Katherine Davison.  There were also some popular networking groups among the visitors, BMI, Friendfeed, Ecademy and members of Better Networking a community recently launched by Steven Healey, Romany Thresher and Sarah Arrow.

I would like to thank all our sponsors who were superb.  Adrian and his team from Simply Fine Foods who offered refreshment drinks at an excellent value of 60p and who supplied a finger buffet on the house to all the guests.  Amy Cutbill and her team who supplied the wine and featured our sponsors on video.  Pawel and his team who did all the photography and also did profile photos for a fiver.  Kevin Arrow from Arrow Light Haulage one of the main event sponsors.  Sam Dimon a budding entrepreneur at 16 who provided the sound in the last hour and lastly Asim Husain and John of Mercedes Benz Chelmsford who provided an excellent venue.  Richard White of The Accidental Salesman our guest speaker spoke on sales and generating leads.  We closed with a raffle prize draw, monies collected went to charity.  A Blackberry compliments of Blackberry, The Business Launchpad sales training valued £297+VAT supplied by Richard White and a bottle of champagne by Arrow Light Haulage.

A special thanks to Sarah Arrow for putting together such an enjoyable event and for inviting me to co-organise the event with you, it was excellent working with you.

How was your experience at the Business Scene in Essex, we would love to get your feedback.


No Customers  >>  No Cash  >>  No Business

The economic success of a business relies on the free cash flow that is existent within the business.  This is the cash that is available after all expenses are paid.

The cash flow of the business is generated from sales and marketing.  Without sales and marketing it is impossible to generate a good cash flow for your business which will ultimately result in the failure of your business.

What does this tell us?  In an economic downturn or with a limited budget to work with the first area a lot of businesses seem to cut the budget for is in the marketing of the business.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand

  • With marketing you generate sales.
  • With advertising you generate sales.
  • With promoting you generate sales.

Getting as much exposure as you can gives your potential customers the opportunity to know that you exist.  If you cut out the marketing and promoting of your business then you have no way of telling your customers you exist.

There are many ways you can advertise and promote your business without breaking the bank.

Right now, I know of two very cost effective ways you can increase your visibility and exposure.

Exhibiting at Events

Exhibiting at events who promote small businesses is the way forward.  Exhibiting at events can be very affordable.  For as little as £99 (someone is offering a special for early birds) you can display your banner, get a stand and promote your books, CD’s, products.  Display brochures, hand out business cards and collect details.

This is a great opportunity to get right infront of your customers and have a chat with them.  The success of some entrepreneurs is because of their personalities and that people would only deal with them.  “People by People.”

The Business Scene allows you to do this, so contact your local Business Scene Regional Leader and see if you can exhibit at one of their events.  In fact you are not limited to just exhibiting at your local Business Scene area but you can exhibit at any of region of your choice.  You can exhibit in Essex, London, Kent or Reading if you wanted to.

Some regional leaders work very hard to promote you and your business to try and get you maximum exposure.  Give them a call to find out what they will be doing for you.

For example:  The Business Scene Essex makes use of various types of methods to get you noticed.  Sarah and her team Twitter about you, make sure you are included in all press releases.  Blog about you everywhere and work with BT Tradespace to help you increase your visibility and much more.

Why spend expensive fees advertising on TV when your target audience may be on your doorstep?
Why spend expensive fees advertising in glossy magazines and newspapers when you can get free publicity?
Brochures only give you a 1% return for each 1,000 distributed.

Affordable Sales Training Events

I also know The Accidental Salesman whose primary focus is to help you as the owner of the business to market, sell and promote your business.

Richard White is running a lives sales training session on 11th May and has invited Chantal Cooke who worked for the BBC for over 20 years, who will share with you the secret to getting free publicity and PR on TV, Radio and in the newspaper.  How to do a press release that will get noticed by journalists.

He has also invited Bob Nicolls who will show you how your choice of words can greatly impact your sales.  Now I am no expert when it comes to words but being someone who is good at putting my foot in it I know that words do have a major impact.

For £15 a training session on how to spend little and get maximum exposure is an event well worth attending for you and your business.

Romany Thresher
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