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Reading a section in Trust Agents the other day co authored by Chris Brogan. I decided to summarise a section in his book because I could not have said it any better and it was written in a way that is just so clear about how to become a power networker and how to build the trust factor.

Think about it, the online world is run by humans and so what happens in the real world should happen online in a sense. For example, if you had a friend whose services you respect and value, you are going to tell others about it. If you had a friend who is looking for a job, you would be on the look out for any potential jobs and pass the information on to them. You would also make introductions and connect your friends to each other if you felt they would be a good fit. The same applies then to our network and to online social media.

Here is the section I summarised from Trust Agents:

What do Trust Agents do?

  • Trust Agents help others by promoting their work
  • Trust Agents reach out to the up-and-comers
  • Trust Agents make friends with people starting out, those who might not be the big voices or the movers and shakers, but who are interesting, driven, talented and have potential.

How is this accomplished?

  • Commenting on people’s blog posts
  • Responding to their Twitter messages
  • Help by getting the word out abut their causes or efforts
  • Connecting people to each other
  • Meet some of the people you’ve built online relationshops with, this strengthens the relationship even further

A solid network consists of:

  • Building a presence online
  • Meeting the person
  • Sustain the relationship with several more online touches over time.

Personal networks are extenders – a way to reach into more places and a way to scale.

They are a resource for finding new jobs, new business opportunities, new anything….

Trust Agents can call upon their network to help solve a problem.

The key elements of network building is all about

Being helpful and forming new relationships without expecting anything in return

What do you think?


Often neglected is posting comments on blog sites you visit and I’m not talking about the lack of comments in online community sites but rather comments on blog sites you find on the web.  Part of increasing your online visibility and your digital footprint  is to post comments on blogs you read and find interesting.  A good place to start is to post comments on industry related blogs an also post comments on blog sites of people you know, e.g. members of your online community.  Also make sure that when you post a comment that you offer something of value, this makes you more credible to both the blogger and the audience who is reading the blog.  It is also ok to disagree and share your own opinon as long as you are not rude but rather sharing your view point.

The benefit of taking the time to post comments on blog sites are:

1.  It shows you care and that you are participating and making yourself a valued online citizen.
2.  Other bloggers will value and appreciate your support and reciprocate.
3.  You increase your online visibility.
4.  You get the opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge.

How do you get your avatar to display on comments you post.

It is simple really, go to and sign up, add your profile information and you are ready to go.  Everytime you post a comment on a blog site your avatar will appear alongside your comment.

How to add avatars from a blogging platform such as Word Press.

You can add the Gravatar plugin for Word Press and you can add a plugin called Add Local Avatar This plugin allows your visitor to add their avatar to your site, this is useful especially if they are not familiar with Gravatar.

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