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I had a chat with a DA representative at the end of the day who mentioned that 7,500 people registered to vote and by 17:50, 4,000 had officially voted.  Voting closes at 7pm and I hope that everyone got their chance to vote, when I left there were still a lot of people waiting to vote.

The DA representative felt that the parties and the government had not done enough to inform and educate expats on what was required and how to register.  Maybe it’s true but in all fairness once the courts made it official, we could vote they only gave the parties 2 weeks to promote and advertise and I know they did the best they could.

It is a start and it will make a difference if not now but in the future.

I had to laugh today.  A UK citizen was wondering what on earth was going on when he walked past Trafalgar Square today.  He thought it was a big sports ticket sale on offer and South Africans were queing up to get their tickets.


I was truly amazed to see how many people showed up to vote in the South African elections in the UK early this morning. I arrived around 7:50am and the que was big, something like a mega sale at a retail outlet.

At election time I often encourage people to vote or let people know that I have every intention of voting and sadly lot’s of people respond with;  “what’s the point, “it’s a waste of time, it won’t make any difference”, “I can’t be bothered to vote, things will never change”, “votes don’t count, its corrupted”.

The truth is, “How do you know it won’t make a difference?” If you don’t vote because you think it is pointless, then don’t moan and complain about how the existing government is running your country.  Not voting means that you put the existing government in power.

I will continue to vote in each and every election.  I was proud to stand outside South African House at Trafalgar Square in the UK today with so many other South Africans who came together to make their mark.  Yes, my one vote can make a difference.  I firmly believe that.

Your one vote can swing the entire vote as to runs your country
Your one vote can change the course of history

I would love to hear from you what your views are about the elections, voting and what you think the future holds.

Romany Thresher

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