I must say 2009 was a year where I worked flat out and I hardly took time off.  December month came and I was convinced that it would be quiet but I was wrong, it was by far my busiest month, so in the end I only managed to take of 2 days.

I’m still trying to take off time here and there to enjoy a bit of the sun and to spend some quality time with hubby but it has not been easy, so my goal for this year is to put people in place so that I too can take some time off.

Someone once told me that your business needs to survive without you, if it cannot then it is not in a good place.  Pondering on this idea, you have to say it does make sense.  So for 2010, this is the plan, to bring my business to a point where it can survive without me.  Also to be able to live 4 months in South Africa and 8 months in the UK.

What are your goals for this year?  By sharing our goals we can help each other to achieve them.

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