I’m very excited. Here is my interview with Erik Qualman on his book Socialnomics. There is a much longer interview which is still waiting to be uploaded where I ask Erik a few other questions.

This interview describes everything you need to know about reading the book. What the book is about, who should read it and why really. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing Erik.

Would love your feedback on what you thought of the interview.

Did you know less than 10% of people on Twitter create their own content? Why not try it?”

I agree it’s important to share the content of others but that’s sad when Twitter can be used to build valuable business  relationships and honestly what’s the point of using Twitter if people are not taking time to create and share their own content.

Since using social media combined with Twitter I have formed valuable business alliances and have come to know some very interesting people.

I do believe that running a successful Twitter campaign one must include a combination of  tweets:  sharing content, having conversations, publishing your own content, retweeting others content and recommend people who you feel share value, have something interesting to say and are credible.

Twitter Tip:

On Hootsuite you can add up to 5 RSS feeds which automatically feed on Twitter.  Which will make it easier for you to share someone’s content you value and when you run out of ideas, you will still be giving your audience something they will find useful.  You can do this by going to settings and then click on the RSS/Atomfeeds.

I do enjoy sharing other people’s content from time to time but when I do, I want to make it valuable and stand out.  So what am I going to do with my 5 RSS feeds?  I am going to begin by using 2 of those Feeds and  start sharing the content of people I find offer value and also share content of people  I have actually communicated with and who I have come to know, find interesting and are credible.

Blog  Site Tip:

Make sure you have an RSS Feed Subcribe button on your site.  Today I wanted to go about sharing content from business owners and found that none of them had the RSS feed subscribe button which means that I could not take the RSS feed and add it to my Hootsuite account.  Another tip is to have your own blogsite to launch from.  I read some excellent blogs written in social networking communities, I agree that using social communities is a super way of gaining visibility for yourself but it defeats the objective when you do not add a link back to your own sites.  Which means the community gains the most in terms of visibility and the visitor reading your blog does not get the opportunity to find out more about what you have to offer.  Adding a link to your blog or website makes easy and quick navigation for visitors to visit and browse round and increases traffic to your site.

Personally I would prefer to lift the RSS feed from your own site so that you gain the visibility and visitors can browse around and enjoy what you have to say.

So here are my 2 chosen RSS Feeds for Hootsuite this week:

Chris Brogan

I don’t know Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan personally, but do hope to one day.  I value what he writes in terms of social media and the content is very useful to business owners who are trying to make sense of social media.

Robert Zarywacz

Robert is a copywriter and an excellent person to follow on Twitter,  @robertz.  He is very helpful and is creative in his thinking when it comes to generating ideas.  Robert’s blog site shares practical information on copywriting, editing and proofreading for web sites and corporate communications.  I have not met him in person but I have had some excellent conversations with him on our Better Networking weekly online chat and also via Twitter.

These are my 2 chosen RSS feeds which I have inputted into Hootsuite for this week.

Romany Thresher

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