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Social networks are a great place for getting your content seen by many people who are getting to know you. The best way to do this effectively is via RSS feeds.

So, What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and this is exactly what it is! Real Simple Syndication. What does this mean for you? RSS allows you to take on a simple URL feel and add it to another application and so every time you publish a post, ALL the applications you added e.g. Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter etc, to your RSS feed is automatically updated.


Why would I want to do this?

  • It makes your content visible to that application’s audience
  • It gives you a traffic boost i.e. More people looking at your content
  • You are sharing content that readers in other places may find useful
  • You can also share other bloggers RSS feeds in various places, this is a good thing to do

Now you may ask, “where is this so called RSS feed”?

Generally the RSS feed is a big orange button which looks very much like the image on the left.
When you click on that button it navigates to a page looking like the image below and you will find your RSS feed in the address bar as shown below.


Ok so now that I know where my RSS feed URL is, what do I do with it?

Copy this RSS URL feed and go and add it to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. This way you keep all your sites easily updated and you are providing your audience with interesting and useful content, (well at least I hope it is useful and interesting).

As mentioned earlier, you can also get other people’s RSS feeds off their sites and share add them to these applications. It is a good thing to do because you are helping someone else to get their content infront of an audience and they will appreciate you for it and what you sow you will reap. It also provides,as I mentioned previously, once again, your audience with interesting and varied content from a number of different sites.

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