Romany has been working with me for a year now.  She is always prompt and efficient, and extremely knowledgeable in all the technical behind-the-scenes aspects of having an online business. In addition to this, because of her own business background she gives valuable advice on what works and what doesn’t when I need to get another perspective on something. I refer to Romany as my ‘secret weapon’ because having her as part of my business team helps to free-up my time so I can focus on building my business, and reaching more clients. I highly recommend Romany and her business – she goes the extra mile, and these days that’s a highly prized attribute!”
Tanya Smith
The Marketing and Mindset Mentor



Romany has been a huge support to me over the last year. She came to my rescue at short notice when I was let down by someone else, and has continued to deliver timely social media support ever since.Even if I ask Romany to do something she is unfamiliar with (which is rare) she goes out of her way to find the right solution, using her extensive network.I am always impressed by Romany’s turn around time, always hitting any deadlines. And if she cannot deal with something right away she always lets me know when it will be done.She has recently helped me with a big new and unfamiliar project, which involved a lot of new technology (for me), and Romany was extremely supportive and patient with me as I got to grips with all that I needed to do. I think it would have been all the more stressful without her valued assistance. 
Caroline Cooper – Zeal Coaching Ltd



I have been working with Romany for a year now and I am so pleased that I am making progress with so many projects which had just not been getting done as I have been too busy doing client work. It was important that I had someone working with me who understands events and online marketing.She is proving to be a real business assistant. Its really allowing me to focus on what I do best and ensure that future projects are progressing. Romany has also been a great sounding board and also giving valuable input and ideas.I cannot believe how quickly Romany gets things done! Something that would take me a day she gets done in a couple of hours. I can see myself passing more and more work over to Romany and her associates because it makes financial sense to do so.
Richard White – The Accidental Salesman ®


Simply brilliant! This is just the kind of self initiated approach that I need. Having someone who can think for themselves and put something like this together is really just what I need in a social media assistant, Romany is more than an assistant she is my social media manager.
Lisa Turner – Psycademy



Romany is a person of high integrity who truly knows how to make social media work for you and your business. She isn’t someone who will shout about her talents – however, if you are looking for an expert on social media who will make things happen for your business, then I highly recommend Romany and her team.
Heather Townsend – The Efficiency Coach




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#followfriday : @directassist – because she does what she says she’ll do, when she says she’s going to do it. Rare, in my experience! Simon Raybould

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“she is so helpful and, rather than criticising, offers suggestions to improve things. A valuable contact!” Robert Zarywacz @robertz

@vatark I’d just like to say a BIG thank you to @directassist for helping me get my website relaunched. Need help? Ask @directassist – yes, really! Robert Killington

@mydivealbum very chuffed my wife @colleennicola is getting the hang of twitter, thanks @romanythresher for the time spent getting her through the basics

@JustinNelson Recommended @romanythresher to @MrTweet ‘she is always keen to help others’

@vatark Recommended @romanythresher “she is great at making things happen. Ask her to do something and it’s as good as done!”

@colleennicola: I’m in good hands with @romanythresher – (@vatark that is so true).

@Smith_Tanya #FF Romany at @romanythresher or @directassist – a sharp business lady, with integrity ! Get her in YOUR twitter stream today :-)