If you are exhibiting, sponsoring or speaking at an event, it may be your own event or someone else’s event, one of the fundamental things to do is promote and market the event in which you are exhibiting, speaking or sponsoring.

Organising a few events, I discovered that all marketing and promoting was left up to the event organisers.  While I am aware that a lot of the responsibility lies with the event organisers to market and promote the event and ensure that the event is a success, word of mouth advertising is still one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

Inform your customers, colleagues you work with and your friends.  By doing this you will be reaching a far wider audience as the event organiser does not have access to your specific network.

Think about it this way, your network is different to the event organiser’s network.  The company exhibiting next to you has a totally different network of people.  The caterer again has his own network.

Let’s say each of you have 500 people in your network.  If you, the event organiser, the caterer and the company exhibiting next to you decide to promote the event, you will have new leads, new people and even more opportunities.  A network of 500 people has suddenly grown into 2000.

Ways you can promote the event:

  • Twitter the event in your network.
  • Ask the event organiser for promotional material which you can hand out.
  • Publish a press release.
  • Blog about it in your social community network.
  • If you belong to clubs, tell other club members.
  • If you run a newsletter, send out a newsletter informing your subscribers.

Romany Thresher

One Response to Are you exhibiting, sponsoring or speaking at events?

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