The other day I got a notification in my inbox from one of my friends requesting me to join the group to stand against Facebook for wanting to introduce a subscription fee.

Now whilst I appreciate the fact that Facebook is a free for all platform and in some ways it should stay this way because they never had intensions or advertised the fact that they were or would introduce a subscription fee.

However, I am going to play the “devils advocate” here and show you why they would perhaps want to charge a subcription.  I know many people enjoy free goodies but sometimes you need to ask yourself at whose expense.

To run a social platform costs money, for starters there is hosting fees, server fees, domain registration,

licencing fees which are just the basic requirements for setting up a social platform.

Then you need to pay people to write scripts to give you the bells and whistles.  Hire designers to make the site pretty enough for you.  Social media services need to hire developers to continually develop your platform and keep it up to date.  Then there are the administrators who are there to deal with complaints, issues and technical issues and in some social networks administrators are required to be active in the community iteself.  Again this is people’s time and time costs money, these administrators spend time each day on the site making sure that you have the best possible service.  Everything in life costs money and just like you, these people need to provide for their families.

As a member using a social network you would expect the people who are running the network to provide you with certain services and features.  A social network cannot continuously be expected to provide services for free if you are demanding more and more from your social network.

Which leaves me to close with this.  Perhaps it is time for us as members to start thinking about which communities we want to support.  Where do we want to be active and which social community works for you as a member.  Which social community makes you feel at home or do you like using?  Then you invest your time, energy and money into that social network.  I have joined many social networks and I find only a few that I enjoy using personally which means that I now spend more and more of my time with those networks.

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Romany Thresher

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