Nope, I’m not going to be posting every single day but will be posting as and when I discover new findings or have made some form of progress.

Yesterday, I was feeling very blonde with Google WAVE and I’m not convinced that’s changed but I am going to stick around and give it some of my attention.

After my frustration yesterday trying to invite someone,  I decided it was time for me to actually go and read the help section instead of jumping in the deep end.

No more invites for now

So this was my progress today.

I discovered that I am still waving by myself or waving to myself as I cannot easily wave with anyone, reminds me of the song by Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb where it starts “Is there anybody out there?”

I also discovered that numerious invitations were sent out, 100,000 I believe and in the help section it said that there is a long waiting list to be processed which means that “the lights are off “and no more invites are being sent but once Google has caught up they will be waving invites to current users to invite others so I have to wait until I see the wave invite option in my Google WAVE inbox.  Correct me if I’m wrong but this is what I read in their help section.  This made me feel a little less blonde.

It’s a waiting game

So everyone who is asking me for invites, “it ain’t gonna happen” in the near future and even if it did by the sounds of things you may have to wait a while.  I also have to laugh at all the comments I read from people asking for invites on various blog posts, how funny, as I am sure that most people who can invite others will only be inviting people they know or have a relationship with.

I know for me personally, I would really like to try out this new collaboration tool with my inner circle and by this I mean my team and close colleagues.  In running a virtual business it is very important to always find ways of working more efficienctly and finding ways to be more productive and this may be one of those solutions.  Anyway, right now while the lights are off and I’m waving to myself it is rather difficult to experience Google WAVE properly because I need my team on board to be able to do this.

Google WAVE application

On another note however, looking at the application it seems pretty straight forward, adding a contact seems easy enough to do and you can import CSV files which is a bonus, now I can export my contacts from Outlook into my GoogleWAVE contact section.  Clicking on various functions seems  rather sticky.  I tried to access various folders, such as inbox, trash, and all and had to click a few times before anything happened,  seemed stuck.

I twittered to see if any of my followers are part of Google WAVE and so far not much joy but Simon Mohr of Canterbury Geeks is a WAVE user and has added me to his list of “How to Tips for WAVE” , “yay” I have two contacts on my list now and have finally received one WAVE message from someone I know,  Simon Mohr who is waving with some other wavers who are busy sharing their tips and tricks in a WAVE discussion and now I need to find something useful to add to their discussion.


3 Responses to Google WAVE Experience – Day 2

  • Nikki says:

    Hi there

    I read your blog post with interest, Romany. Seeing as I didn’t get an invite, it feels a little bit like I’m standing at the sports field side-lines, after not being picked for either team.

    I’m looking forward to finding out what I’m actually missing out on.

  • I have to admit I don’t think you are missing out that much. It’s all a big hooohah for not very much if you ask me. I’m still trying to see what the big deal is. The only thing that seems of be of value is that you can have a group wave discussion which means just one more tool to add to your list.


  • I, on the other hand, don’t think it’s all a big hoohah. At the moment the system is in Alpha, not Beta, testing.

    I’ve been involved in a few Waves and I can see its potential. There’s still a way to go. Let’s consider how it might help both Nikki and Romany work with a client. Client asks for an article to be prepared. So it gets written, but instead of sending it to the client, you put it into a Wave and add the client to the Wave. The client can look at the text and make suggestions, or comments, can even amend the text on screen. That to me is real collaboration. If we can add audio and perhaps video to the mix too, it’ll be a fantastic way of working with clients remotely.

    Let’s be on the leading edge of something – I’ve missed that so often I’m determined to be there this time!

    Play with it and enjoy the journey. That way you’ll get to know how to do things and what you can do.


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