The Passage of Time

It can be very easy to get sidetracked and focus on tasks that are unproductive, in fact sometimes we do it on purpose – workplace procrastination increases when we don’t want to do something.

An unproductive task or project is something that is not helping you to achieve your goal or simply not earning you any money.

For example:

To arrange and set up a meeting can take roughly 10 minutes or longer to organise. Arrange 5 of those and it has already taken an hour of your time.

You have some administration to do, update your database, letters to type, printing, posting etc, these are all time consuming unproductive tasks that are not bringing in any new business, in other words not earning you any money.

Brian Tracy author of The Flight Plan mentioned a good way to keep yourself disciplined is to work out your hourly rate and when starting a project or taking on a task, ask yourself, “Is this worth $/£ of my time?

Here is a calculation example he used to help you work out your hourly rate.

Determine how much it would cost you per month to live comfortably even if you had no income at all. Include all your costs e.g., accommodation, food, travel, medical, vacations, entertainment, etc. Multiply that number by 12 and then multiply the result by 20. This total represents your retirement goal. Divide your annual income by 2,000, i.e. the approximate number of hours that an executive works in a year. This amount is their hourly rate. If you earn $50,000 a year and you divide that amount by 2,000 you get a rate of $25 per hour.

Your potential earnings wasted doing unproductive tasks could therefore be very costly.

Don’t throw your money down the drain, give us a call ;-)


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One Response to How Valuable is your time?

  • Andre says:

    Security is a result of Matrix control, and self-employment provides far more control over your income than you have with a regular job. When you work for yourself, no one can fire you or lay you off. This is safer.

    Can an employer give you an extra cash instantly, just when you need it?, I doubt very much, that’s very tough to swallow as an employee. However, as a free sovereign, free moral agent, who owns his own business, has control over the business assets, you have the ability to redirect resources to increase income in a nip. A man who has control over his/her life, to avoid having someone hijacking their intelligence, is wise and smart.

    Slave Employees are at the greatest risk. You will realize how risky it is over sudden, the boss (master) calls you, and you hear the words, ‘I am afraid, I am letting you go, thank you for making us a profit, and rich, now its time to recruit other new slaves for lower salary.

    If we accept that on a business-to-business and business to consumer level, that buying decisions always favour some form of superior value, surely, our quest must be to understand what superior value is, by ensuring that ethical behaviour is the motivating factor. In so doing, we will be able to illuminate those decision criteria.

    It took me a long time to understand the value of hiring a virtual assistant. I always thought that employing staff and dealing with all kind of issues from employment law, health and safety issues, pregnancy leave, holiday leave etc was the only way to do business.

    However, nowadays, we are so lucky to find expert who can deal with our day to day business without being accountable of their health and safety, employment laws, holiday and pregnancy leave which cost companies thousands of pounds.

    These companies are growing faster, and earning the respect of small, and large business organization, as well as those working from home. Direct Assist is the leading edge in office organization and general administration strategies.

    One solution could lie in virtual working also known as remote working, outsourcing and flexible working. Every bit of technology and software being developed today is all being geared for this new way of working.

    If you are working from home or in an office, whether it is a small business or corporate organization, Direct Assist has changed the way I work, saved me hundreds of pounds, and gave me the security I needed to advance, and to grow my business exponentially.

    I am happy to recommend this Ethical, fast, efficient service from Direct Assist. I can proudly, we are coming out of the elements, we can master the world, Direct Assist Online is The Leading Edge of Virtual Assistance For Tomorrow’s Business Success!

    Andre Zizi

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