There are people who try to justify the UK riots and say that the youth are frustrated and they have no future and so they have to let it out! They want change.

From my point of view, there is just no justification for burning someone’s house down, for burning someone’s business and livelihood down.  I don’t care what your reason is!

If you have an issue with the government then why on earth don’t you go and burn their houses down?  Damage their goods and make  sure it is the right government the ones who caused the problem in the first place.   Quite frankly to me this is not a good justification either but the fact is that the people on the street, the people around us are all in the same boat.  They are not the ones who caused this and yet they become the victims of your actions.  If  WWF can get the world to turn off their lights for one hour then surely there are other ways of dealing with serious issues.

How about taking a stand as a country and stop paying taxes in countries like South Africa because the government misuses tax payers money.  Because the government thinks that spending your hard earned money on his big new fancy expensive R65 mil house expansion is justified, and what is Julius Malema spending?

Recently municipal workers in South Africa went on strike for better wages, mmmm 18% is seriously off the wall but would it not be a better solution to go and trash the municipal leaders/governments places instead.  Stop collecting their refuse?  What difference does it make causing havoc in the cities or not collecting refuse in the suburbs?

If you don’t have your house as you were promised?  Why do you continue to vote for the government who made those promises and why don’t you go and squat on their property?

What are your thoughts?

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