Caroline Cooper
Website: Zeal Coaching
Twitter handle: Carojcooper

Type of Business: Business Coach

Caroline mainly uses LinkedIn, Twitter and blog site as part of her social media strategy for business and manages most of her own social media marketing and spends approximately 10 hours a month.  Caroline also outsources 5 hours a month to a social media assistant to help with the more technical aspect of her e-commerce.


Has social media benefited your business.  If so how, and what has been the biggest benefit?

“Keeping up to date, finding useful resources and contacts.  Raising visibility and credibility”.

Can you briefly outline your social media strategy and what you found to be the most effective?

“Posting regular articles and commenting to raise visibility”.

How do you measure the ROI in using social media for your business and are the results measuring up?

“Too early to tell”.

Do you have a Twitter Strategy?  Briefly explain your Twitter strategy?

If you use Twitter as part of your marketing campaign.  How has your experience been and would you say you have generated business and leads from Twitter?



What top tips from your overall experience would you share with others who would like to use social media as part of their marketing campaign?

“Avoid it all being about you.  Be prepared to give something to others.  Don’t blatantly sell – it is a real turn off and you will soon lose follower.



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