OK, so one of my natural talents is to generate ideas and one of my reasons for starting a business community is my passion to help small and home businesses to generate ideas for their business.

I have decided that I am going to blog my ideas as and when they come.

So here we go.  This idea is for all pilates trainers, fitness trainers, yoga teachers and anyone who is in wellbeing. This idea can also be used for a whole multitude of things and is most definitely not limited to just these sectors.  There is a whole new market waiting to be unleased.  A whole new world of possibilities, a whole new world of business.

Have you thought about doing one to one sessions via webcam? Now you can train with no bounderies.  All you need is a webcam, pc, good lighting IM with video facility and an internet connection.

So why on earth do I think this would work?

Because there is a whole audience of people who cannot make it to the gym.

There is a whole audience of people who would like to exercise but not motivated enough to get to the gym, or do the DVD workout session they bought, or get busy with the gym equipment they invested in.

  • People who work full time.
  • People who are shy about going to the gym, avoid the gym.
  • People with transport problems.
  • People who live out of town.

This market wants to go to the gym but can’t get motivated, or perhaps too shy and so ‘tomorrow’ becomes their mantra.  They try the DVD home work out sessions and home gym equipment and guess what, again ‘tomorrow’ becomes the mantra.

The benefits of running one to one sessions online is the convenience, the comfort, and the accountability.

  • Now you eliminate the drag of having to travel to and from gym
  • People can do sessions in the comfort of their own homes, and
  • The biggest benefit of all is accountability. Knowing that your trainer is logging on at a certain time to do a training session with you.  Makes you more motivated to keep at it.

If you want to find out more about this idea or maybe you have some questions, post your comments.

Romany Thresher

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