I was truly amazed to see how many people showed up to vote in the South African elections in the UK early this morning. I arrived around 7:50am and the que was big, something like a mega sale at a retail outlet.

At election time I often encourage people to vote or let people know that I have every intention of voting and sadly lot’s of people respond with;  “what’s the point, “it’s a waste of time, it won’t make any difference”, “I can’t be bothered to vote, things will never change”, “votes don’t count, its corrupted”.

The truth is, “How do you know it won’t make a difference?” If you don’t vote because you think it is pointless, then don’t moan and complain about how the existing government is running your country.  Not voting means that you put the existing government in power.

I will continue to vote in each and every election.  I was proud to stand outside South African House at Trafalgar Square in the UK today with so many other South Africans who came together to make their mark.  Yes, my one vote can make a difference.  I firmly believe that.

Your one vote can swing the entire vote as to runs your country
Your one vote can change the course of history

I would love to hear from you what your views are about the elections, voting and what you think the future holds.

Romany Thresher

9 Responses to Proudly South African

  • Conrad says:

    I’m also starting to get really irritated by people saying their vote won’t make a difference.

    What people need to realise is that that mindset rubs off on other people like a virus and at the end of the day its not just one person not voting but a lot more than they will ever know.

    Thanks for the update and photos. And thanks for voting! :-)

  • Debbie Price says:

    Everyone has the right to vote in a democracy and I fully agree that every vote counts. I am very happy about the fact that South Africans abroad were able to retain their right to vote in the current South African elections.

  • Eve Crook says:

    I could not agree more. It makes one proud to see so many South Africans willing to stand up and be counted. We can only hope that their votes make a difference in the country. We want to be optimistic about the future of SA as it’s such a beautiful and wonderful country. Good luck South Africa and thanks to all the ex-pats who took the time to vote for a better South Africa.

  • Hi Conrad

    Many thanks for your comment, I know what you mean. It is very irritating. I keep thinking, the country is probably in the state it is in because people thought it was a waste of time to vote.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Eve

    Thanks for your comment, yes South Africa is a beautiful country and has so much to offer. It is sad to hear how crime has caused many South African’s to leave the country as they just felt it was not a safe place to live in anymore.

    Best wishes

  • Melanie says:

    To be quite honest I have never been much into Politics because I always felt that whoever was ‘leading’ the country was just looking out for themselves. However, the day that voting became a right for ALL in South Africa, was a day I couldnt wait for. So yes, as much as I can understand where people are coming from several years down the line, thinking that their mark wont make much of a difference, I also feel that if you dont make that mark, then one shouldnt complain on the status of the country and those that are brought into power.

    So place that mark, and maybe one will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome this time.

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