Screenshot of My Pinterest Home Page

I’ve stumbled upon an addictive trend in social networking; this place definitely defines the concept of social media with nothing else but loving enthusiasm. I have lost myself In Picture Posting Heaven, where all colours own the page, I embrace this warm environment as I’m invited to post comments, I am welcome to share my thoughts and crazy, senseless ideas, it’s on the board, choose what I like, it’s all here just at the simple touch …

Immediately I’ve forgotten that important email I was busy with, which reminds me I still need to get back to Romany regarding my feedback on her Twitter Tutorial…

And Direct-Assist is going to kill me if I don’t finish that reply to a previously posted question; thankfully it’s just a website. Now that I’m breathing, back in my office, on earth, I recognise my famous procrastinating ways had just taken over, where my desktop is covered with fresh documents and restless emails. I know I’m in trouble when heaven hits the screen, but Pinterest conveniently boosted me through the rest of today. Obviously I know I’m going to find myself back there pretty soon!

As I’m scrolling through I am delighted to find all types of features I can take advantage of; I can add links to my website and Facebook page, I can source new recipes, products to buy, places to visit, guideline’s to follow. This is my new playground and I can’t wait to build my own space of inspiration and interest. I was surprised to find Pinterest generating that sense of family: a warm home and tons of sharing. Pinterest positively promotes all things good and well, your health, respect for others, giving rather than seeking credit, employment positions and lifestyle guidelines.

It may sound fun and entertaining but you would assume rather pointless as time should pass on?

• Pinterest is a way to discover new things,

• to inspire and motivate you on a bad day,

• meet people who share similar interests,

• And you could easily plan your sisters’ wedding,

• your own home decor and renovation,

• plan business events and friendship outings

… Simple, easy and entertaining.

Pinterest is on the mission: “Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favourite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.”

Follow our link to jump on board and start your day with Pinterest.

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