James McBrearty
Website: Tax Help
Twitter handle: taxhelpukcom

Type of Business: Fixed Fee Tax Returns & Accounts for the self employed

James  mainly uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Business Community Sites, Myspace, Frienfeed, Social bookmarks, Youtube or video, Twitter and has a blog site.  James roughly spends 30+ hours managing his own social media and does not outsource.

Has social media benefited your business. If so how, and what has been the biggest benefit?

“Increased awareness, and it has brought in new clients”.

Can you briefly outline your social media strategy and what you found to be the most effective?

“I have been using social media for over a year.  For people starting now, Penny Power’s book  “Know, like me, follow me ” is an excellent guide.

How do you measure the ROI in using social media for your business and are the results measuring up?

“We always record how new clients heard of us, which enables us to track back on the results from various methods used”.

Do you have a Twitter Strategy? Briefly explain your Twitter strategy?

“Add Value – connect with people, share knowledge and advice”

If you use Twitter as part of your marketing campaign. How has your experience been and would you say you have generated business and leads from Twitter?

“Yes, we have generated new clients just from Twitter, as well as generating knowledge of the business.  It does take time to build up a reputation  “.

What top tips from your overall experience would you share with others who would like to use social media as part of their marketing campaign?

“Read Penny Powers Book, which is an excellent guild, Social Media  not an instant result though – it could take 1-2 years for a return.

Romany Thresher

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