Heather Townsend
Website: The Efficiency Coach
Twitter handle: @efficiencycoach

Type of Business: Business Coach

Heather uses social media as part of her marketing strategy for business.  Heather mainly uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Business Community sites, Twitter newsletter, ebooks, podcasts, teleseminars,  blog site and Heather also uses Everywoman and E-zine articles.  Heather roughly spends 60-80 hours a month actively managing her own social media marketing.  She also uses 10 hours a month on outsourced services to help with the management of social media.

Has social media benefited your business.  If so how, and what has been the biggest benefit?

“Rapid profile building within my target audience.  Generation of leads, about 1-3 leads every week from social media.  Increased personal network with some major influencers.  The increased network has given me fantastic PR opportunities and has lead to me writing for 3 major on-line magazines.”

Can you briefly outline your social media strategy and what you found to be the most effective?

“My strategy for social media is as follows:

  • On-line networking to reach my target market
  • Build credibility and expertise within my target market

I have found that using several social media tools in conjunction with each other is the most effective.  For example, using Twitter to promote my blog using Twitter as a means of generating people for my LinkedIn group and using Every Woman to generate Twitter followers.”

How do you measure the ROI in using social media for your business and are the results measuring up?

“At the moment I don’t formally measure ROI.  I use Google analytics to measure traffic to my website and see the most popular content and where the traffic is coming from, webmaster to identify keywords that my site has come up in the search, Feedburner to see how many people are subscribed to my blog.

I informally keep a tally of the leads I generate through Twitter and Social Media generally.”

Do you have a Twitter Strategy?  Briefly explain your Twitter strategy?

“I provide content of value to my followers – via my blog posts or efficiency tips.  These are tweeted at certain points of the day when the majority of my UK based followers are on Twitter.

I additionally tweet humorous business quotes as these are generally RT’ed by my followers – which attracts more followers…

I use automated tweets to tweet out efficiency tips and blog posts, which then leaves me free to engage and have conversations with my followers.

If any of my followers @mentions me or RT’s any of my tweets, I use this as an opportunity to engage and have a conversation with my followers.  If any of my followers identifies needs which can be met with coaching.  I privately DM to explore more and if they have thought about coaching.  If I receive an encouraging answer, I suggest a telephone or Skype conversation where they can try out coaching to see if it would be of value to them.”

If you use Twitter as part of your marketing campaign.  How has your experience been and would you say you have generated business and leads from Twitter?

“For the first three months on Twitter I would say that I was just having a conversation.  From late August, 4 months in, I have generated about 1-3 leads from Twitter every week.  I have two clients so far who have come to me via Twitter and about 4-5 people from Twitter who have committed to a coaching relationship with me, but not actually taken the first step in the relationship (planning a first session and paying my invoice)”

What top tips from your overall experience would you share with others who would like to use social media as part of their marketing campaign?

“Engage and add value… Help people out, without seeking an immediate pay back be open to possibilities.  Listen to people stating needs which you can help with.”

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