Mark Barton
Twitter handle: @markbnorwich
Type of Business: Utility Warehouse Distributor

Mark uses social media as part of his marketing strategy for business.  Mark uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs  and roughly spends 60 hours a month actively managing his own social media marketing and uses outsourced services.

Here is what Mark had to say:

Has social media benefited your business.  If so how, and what has been the biggest benefit?

“I don’t know how much time is spent outsourcing as I don’t know how much time it takes our SEO person to check our site and do the report.  It has brought up some ‘issues’ with our existing research website, which she is in the process of rebuilding.

Facebook has helped with the decision to change our web designer but the reasons should be discussed face to face.

I have gained contacts around the country via social media which is a great asset to our business.”

Can you briefly outline your social media strategy and what you found to be the most effective?

“Not jumping down people’s throats.  I am quite open about what I do with my profile pages.  I prefer to build up relationships first, listen to people and what they are saying and contribute to discussions.  If they say something and I could offer a solution then a personal message would be sent.

Do you have a Twitter Strategy? Briefly explain your Twitter strategy?

Getting to know people first. I am someone involved in twitter who Retweets a lot of information for other people. I also have conversations with people that will have nothing to do with my business. Hopefully then when if I am more overt in my marketing it will not be off putting.

If you use Twitter as part of your marketing campaign. How has your experience been and would you say you have generated business and leads from Twitter?

It is just by being there. Leads have been generated by conversations. Someone says they are having problems with a supplier I will then send a direct message & see if it is something that they want to do something about as opposed to have a rant and feel better.

How do you measure the ROI in using social media for your business and are the results measuring up?

“I probably spend far too long looking at computer screens with email, Tweetdeck an Facebook open.

What top tips from your overall experience would you share with others who would like to use social media as part of their marketing campaign?

“It is social media so be social first, get to know people and let them get to know you as a person before you try and sell stuff to them.  It is a slow process but enjoy the ride.”

More interviews to come on how various business owners use social media
and how they measure the ROI

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