As a virtual assistant I have often wondered why my followers are following me, what they would like to know and what they would like me to share with them?

What I love about Twitter is that it allows us to be able to connect with people and have real conversations, if used correctly one can use Twitter for business to find out so much more about our customers and the people who follow us.  As a virtual assistant and infact any other business owner in general it would be useful to get feedback on what you have to offer, listen to what your followers have to say and Twitter also provides a way for people to get to know each other in both a personal and business capacity.  So yes, Twitter is a great social media tool.

Why are people not communicating more on Twitter?

I find a large percentage of people who are using Twitter are only sharing content they find interesting and perhaps useful to others.  Very little communication takes place in between all of this.  So I ask, what’s the point?  Conversation is how we get to know each other.  So the objective is to try and get a mix balance of tweets:

  • Tweet interesting content to share with others.
  • Tweet info from your own site.
  • Tweet questions to find out more about your followers.
  • Tweet recommendations of others through Mr Tweet.
  • Tweet people you think can help others, connecting people.
  • Tweet your events, promotions, special offers.
  • Tweet tips to show your expertise.
  • Tweet other interesting stuff.
  • Tweet for conversation to get to know your followers.

Fortunately, I have a strong group of tweeters amongst my followers who enjoy conversing and building relationships I would however like to increase this.  So let’s do just that and get to know each other then we can help each other.

  • This can help us to make use of each other’s services.
  • Help us to understand each other’s needs and what we are looking for.
  • Pass on referrals to people we know who may be in need of what you have to offer.

Marketing today is all about being transparent, building relationships and listening to conversations. So the next challenge is to connect with your target audience.  A great suggestion I read the other day was from 8 ways to find releant followers on Twitter who suggested that you follow your competitors and follow the people who are following them because they are obviously interested in what your competitor is doing.  Yet, there is another challenge that stems in this because I can guarantee that half the people who are following me are just from the automated Twitter searches that come with finding more followers.  In any event I am going to try this great suggestion and see what happens.

If we are meant to be listening to our customers/target audience then I ask:  Why are we not asking more questions on Twitter to find out what we want to know about our followers and secondly why are we not answering questions that are asked.

3 Responses to To my Twitter followers

  • Sarah Arrow says:

    Asking and answering your followers is something that isn’t easily managed without a 3rd party application. The recent changes to the followers page on twitter should make the following process easier to manage.

    The focus on relevant followers, hmmm how does someone decide who to follow?

    The main complaint I hear about people not responding to their followers is… it’s too fast and they didnt see the tweet :-)

  • Interesting point, I definitely use a third party application.

    Yes when you are following so many people it is very hard to monitor tweets as they go very fast. I enjoyed reading some tweets and then found I could no longer see their tweets as I was following too many people, I then decided to group the people I follow to make it easier to keep track of their tweets. This has helped a great deal.


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