Friday I posted about commuting hell, and what a waste of time commuting can be. Thinking on the matter some more I thought about what you could do to make your commuting time more productive.

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How many times have you been on the train and a brilliant idea popped into your head? The idea gets lost amongst all the other random thoughts that you have and you have wasted the commute… again!

Use your Virtual Assistant to transcribe your notes

Dictate your next company newsletter and then send it to your Virtual Assistant, a great time saver whilst you are on a long car or train journey.

Dictate your blog

Yes, blogging three times a week increases your brand awareness.  Some of the professional bloggers update their site two or three times a day. So, increase your digital visibility and dictate a blog or two!

Dictate into your mobile

It’s not essential to have expensive equipment, you can dictate into the recording facility of your mobile phone and then send that to your virtual assistant.

Give it a go, see what happens and make your ‘commuting hell’ far more productive.

Romany Thresher
Direct Assist Online

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