I was invited to speak at the Global Entrepreneurs week for Women in Finance organised by the lovely Colleen Larsen. The main theme of the event was around branding, digital marketing and social media.  Walter Pike shared some valuable insights into the world of digital marketing and how things have changed and where we are headed.  Some interesting facts he shared with us:

70% of offline advertising does not work.

29% of use user generated mobile social content daily.

75% of South African own mobile phones.

85% have access to WAP enabled phones.

It was good to see we were on the same page to the extent that I had planned to share similar content with regards to branding and marketing and so I had to change my presentation at the last minute, which was both nerving and quite an exciting challenge.

It was also wonderful to connect with fellow South Africans and even more wonderful to be a part of Women in Finance who have some wonderful events planned for small businesses in South Africa.

After the event, Barbara MacDonald of Spot that Zebra (what an interesting name for a business) invited me to lunch with her and offered to drop me back home safely.  I had an absolute ball.  Here we were driving in the hard of Johannesburg, Rissik Street.  I had my laptop on my lap totally forgetting how dangerous it was to do something like that, chatting away on Skype to one of the people I work with. Barbara and I spent the afternoon chatting about all sorts of things, collaborating and sharing ideas.

It was such a wonderful inspiring day and even more wonderful to meet such excellent and extraordinary people.

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