WordPress website and blog site solution

As a franchisor your franchisee is your customer

As a potential franchisee investor if I were looking to invest in a franchise one of the first things I’d check out is the franchise website.


As a francisor if you do not have a website, what does that say about your franchise?  Does it offer credibility?  Does it mean you are not taking your business seriously?

70% of South Africans now use the internet to  search for information about products and services.  How much are you losing to your competitors by not having a website or an outdated website?

A potential franchisee would want to know that a franchisor is doing their best to leverage every possible marketing opporunity and this would include having a website for the franchise business as well as a website solution for each franchisee.

Are you a small start up franchise who doesn’t have a website?  Read public feedback on what people thought about franchises who do not have websites.


Are you ready to let us help you build a website that is both user friendly and mobile friendly?

Our attitude as solution thinkers is to always try and suggest the most affordable solutions without compromising quality to our clients. You no longer have to spend a fortune on a website that you have no control over. You can have a website quickly, at an affordable cost, and it will work perfectly and customised to suit your particular needs.

The solution we suggest is Word Press. WordPress is designed to put you in control. It is easy to use and easy to manage. You can customise it to your unique style and you can either do it yourself or use an experienced professional to do the customisation and make it look the way you want it to look. There are many sites on the internet that you think are custom made by an experienced web developer, but in fact they are WordPress sites built quickly and easily.


Benefits of using Word Press as website:

  • You are 100% in control of your website.
  • Mobile friendly for people who want to look at your site on their mobile phones or tablets.
  • You can update the site yourself or use an assistant to update for you.
  • WordPress integrates well with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • WordPress has an easy to use SEO plugin so you can optimise your site for better ranking.
  • WordPress has an easy to use basic e-commerce facility for people who sell one off products.
  • WordPress regularly updates to keep up with what is the latest on the internet.


While basic customisation is relatively easy we highly recommend that you initially hire a WordPress experienced specialist to help you get the look and feel of your website right, leaving you to focus on the content of your website which is much more important.  It is the message that people buy not the look.





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